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Should You Go For Discount Make-up?

We are all aware of the fact that most women cannot do without make-up. Although numerous manufacturers are creating a wide variety of make-up to suit every skin type and every budget, you cannot deny the fact that majority of women are afraid to purchase cheap or discount make-ups for fear of having allergic reactions or skin related problems from the use of these products. While it holds true that most expensive cosmetics are of the finest quality and you are definitely getting your money’s worth with […]

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How To Remove Make-up

We are all aware of the fact that most women cannot live without make-up. It is important though that if you know how to put them on, you should know how to remove them as well. Make-up helps us hide our imperfections and flaws, as well as enhance our natural beauty. But if make-up is not properly removed, it may cause some breakouts or skin related problems like blemishes and rashes if not properly removed. Our skin needs to take a break once in a while from […]

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Your Move With Women On An Up Note

You are on a date with a woman and everything is going well. Good conversation, your making her laugh and keeping the conversation on her. Now the date is ending and the last three minutes there has been nothing except stone cold silence. So you figure this will be a good time to make your move since everything was clicking less than five minutes ago. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!When dealing with women always make your move or escalate the intensity on an up note. In addition you want […]

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The Trick To Applying False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are definitely appealing, for various reasons. Maybe you wish to wear them because your natural lashes are not as long and lushous as you would prefer, or perhaps you natural lashes are light in colour and thus virtually invisible to the naked eye. In particular when going on a night out, a set of false eyelashes will drastically change your look in a way that mascara alone just cannot achieve. However, even experienced make up users may have concerns about applying and wearing false eyelashes. […]

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